New beginnings

The first post is always an exciting time! I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now, and here we are. It also happens to be the first day of spring. It was warm and sunny, my family did a nature walk.

I’m travelling to Europe soon for the first time. I leave for London in 2 days! It is indeed a long-awaited adventure. Even from when I started to learn French in high school! Exchange in Singapore 2 years ago was my first long-term trip. This once will be different, such that I won’t have any school or work commitments. I’m a serial planner, but having been too busy to research, I will leave more to chance. Now, I am ready to share my experiences too.

a little background

I’ve already learnt a lot bringing this website to life. I had fun in the process of its design. It is somewhere for me to display my past work. It is breathing room. Twirling from one corner to the next. There is much joy to be had in this life.

flow there signifies a gentle effortlessness. Here, we can achieve anything. We find the places we were destined to go. Things fall into place. When I stress about future uncertainties, I remind myself that ‘everything works out in the end’. I did reach an end – my three year degree and my half-year of work before embarking on this journey. It was a self-imposed deadline, having had booked my one-way flight way long in advance.

I also made the favicon as ft joined together. (That is, the icon that shows up on your browser tabs.) Somehow, it reminds me of the Chinese character , which means to rise.

I will write about whatever comes into my life and takes my fancy. Feel free to subscribe to the mailing list at the bottom of the page. Good night! Keep well!

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