Lockdown Life

Happy April Fools! Last year’s Venice Biennale was themed ‘May You Live In Interesting Times’. We have to be careful what we wish for. It was inevitable that these times were going to be interesting ones…

So it’s been 2 weeks since uni has moved classes online. Since then, I’ve only been out of the house a few times, to buy food and for walks.

5 ways life has changed for me since the coronavirus:

1. I have time

I used to live a life that was time-poor (whether in mindset or reality), identifying with the Norwegian concept of tidsklemma. Now, apart from my uni work, I am generally free from commitments and therefore free to pursue other things. I don’t have to waste time commuting.

2. There is a sense of timelessness

We’ve hit the pause button on all our public and social events. This self isolation thing is supposed to last for months, with no clear end date. As a result, time passes with each day resembling the next. When there are no external things to look forward to, we suddenly become more grounded in the present.

3. Entertainment loop

The lockdown creates boredom through the cancellation of our activities, and we are forced to stay at home. Yet at the same time, it generates its own entertainment. Every morning, I wake up to news of the latest developments, an update in the statistics, creative content that has resulted from intensive home incubation. There’s plenty to be consumed between following the trajectory of different countries and seeing the cool things people have been making.

4. Virtual reality

Too much screen time! Everything sphere including education, social life, recreation and even exercise classes have been moved into the virtual world, with the help of Zoom. This is something that I need to work on finding a balance.

5. TP consciousness

The whole family has become mindful of their toilet paper consumption, given the limited supplies. We know how many squares we use and how many days a roll lasts.

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