Covid Collections


I think this above picture sums up my mood (now and in general) well. It is a room of whimsical portraits in a tranquil little Marrakesh garden. Semester is winding up before it winds down. I got around to watching Groundhog Day and I suppose we can all relate at the moment. I was going to write a post about the Chinese calligraphy and art I was making but that class is postponed indefinitely so I’ll show you some other things instead.

Namely, here’s a compilation of many foods I’ve eaten since this all started. Getting delivery, games and picnics in the backyard, sweets my sister brought home from Jordan, and my mother’s attempt at chicken rice. Pana does a great raw dark chocolate. After eating them all I would recommend the ones with less added textures like Mint, Orange and Sixty.

Here are a few small happinesses. I enjoyed lying down to watch the clouds as they moved. The sky photos were all taken on the same day. It is a mesmerising activity. My house also makes interesting patterns, in collaboration with the sun. They are never quite the same when I notice them, so it is always serendipitous. We live close to some good nature walks, as do most who reside in Sydney.

I’m glad that I got into monthly blogging. Every time I do it, it’s a good feeling. Working from home has got me discovering good music all the time! There’s an excess of free shows (musicals, theatre, opera) to watch that has been recently made available. I started a course on illustrating children’s books, which has been a fun bit of downtime, even though it’s been all online so far. I enjoyed reading Wunderman Thompson’s revised 2.0.20 forecast given extenuating circumstances, and comparing it to their original report for the year. Restrictions are easing though, so see ya in a sec. What’s new with you?

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