5 things that I recently learnt about photography

There is so much to enjoy about photography. It offers deep rabbit holes to go down but it can be daunting in its technical nature. With some time on my hands these winter holidays, reading up about photography was time well spent. I still have so much to learn and also go out to try, experiment and put into practice. However, what might be really obvious to one person may not necessarily be as clear to another, so hopefully this article proves useful.

1. Lightroom

I finally started to use Lightroom. Previously I just edited photos Photoshop, but since they are both Adobe products it made it easier as I already have familiarity with the different settings and what they do. Lightroom is made expressly for editing photos, so it is better suited to this purpose. It is faster to mass edit too with presets and photo comparison functions. What got me into is was that I was trying to check the camera settings I had when taking particular photos. (I was wondering whether I should invest in new lenses.) I like to press \ to toggle between the before/after versions. Lightroom allowed me to salvage a picture that I thought couldn’t be saved, by pushing and pulling the histogram.

2. VR

I shoot with Nikon – many of their lenses have a VR [vibration reduction] function. Nikon recommends leaving it on for most of the time, except for when using a tripod. (You can keep it on if you use a monopod.)

3. Distortion

Most lenses have some level of distortion depending on focal length. There’s a camera setting to adjust for this – distortion control data in the camera can be updated. Alternatively, distortion can be corrected easily as need be on Photoshop. I find that in most cases it is not so noticeable.

4. Multiple exposure

One feature I’d like to play with when I get the chance is multiple exposures. A quick Google already shows many interesting results.

5. Shot count

Here’s some approximate stats of how many photos I took each year since I got my DSLR. (Peep those big travel years) During those trips I’d be sorting and editing while still overseas to help keep on top of everything. This is the actually the first holidays since I left high school during which I haven’t travelled anywhere.. We’ve had a good run!

What ‘aha’ moments have you recently made?

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