Balkan Photo Diary

School is now in session and my favourite season, autumn is upon us in the southern hemisphere! Today I wanted to share some photos from my time in Romania (Bucharest & Transylvania) and Bulgaria (Sofia). I didn’t know how interesting the region was until I went to explore with my two feet.

Umbrella lane
Bucharest city
The heaviest building in the world
Modern art inside the Palace of Parliament
Transylvanian tour
Peleș Castle
I liked this armoury wall display very much!
‘Dracula’ Castle, which housed the infamous Vlad the Impaler
Can’t get over the colours
Arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria! The tap water isn’t drinkable, so people fill up their supply from a communal mineral water source. It’s hot too 🙂
I love the way the main street aligns with the mountains in the background. This area is full of life, with bustling shops and restaurants.
They found Roman ruins while making their new metro station, so naturally they kept them!
Did you know that the Cyrillic script was created by a Bulgarian saint?
Freezing cold (worse than Scandinavia), but the flowers are still blooming
Hostel self portraits
More ruins underground. A profound sense of place – from here you can see the stately buildings on the street level. From the street level however, there is no telling what treasures these glass domes are encasing.
Bulgaria decided to keep the marks of their Communist past. In the park, you can find markets with people trading memorabilia such as badges and medallions.

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